How to prepare quick and easy maple syrup?

maple syrup - meal makers
Homemade maple syrup is super simple, easy and tastes amazing on so many different breakfast recipes. It tastes delicious and perfect for pancakes, waffles and french toast.

If you never tried making maple syrup before you will be shocked how simple it is and can be prepared with very few ingredients.

Follow the easy steps and you will get amazing results at home.

The consistency of the syrup totally depends on you whether you like it thick or thin. If you want it thick you can add corn syrup to it otherwise honey.

There are so many different items you can use with your syrup-like caramelized sugar, honey, corn syrup, sometimes we use vanilla essence for a good smell. It totally depends upon you what type of syrup do you want. 

It will take a maximum of  30 minutes to prepare it. 

Pancakes with maple syrup taste so fresh and can make your breakfast very special and healthy.


1 cup sugar 

½ cup water

1tbsp vanilla essence


maple syrup - meal makers

1) Divide the sugar into two bowls half will be used for sugar syrup and another half will be used for caramelizing.

maple syrup - meal makers

2) In a saucepan add ½ cup of sugar and ½ cup of water. Mix it well until the sugar dissolves.

maple syrup - meal makers

3) When the bubbles start to form turn off the gas.

maple syrup - meal makers

4) Take another saucepan spread the sugar. Cook over medium to low heat until it starts to melt and turn golden brown.

maple syrup - meal makers

5) Keep stirring it continuously.

maple syrup - meal makers

6) Caramel boil is ready to be prepared as soon as possible.

maple syrup - meal makers

7) Now, add sugar syrup to it and turn off the flame of the gas.

maple syrup - meal makers

8) Add vanilla essence into the syrup. Let it cool for 30 to 40 minutes.

maple syrup - meal makers

 Our maple syrup is ready. Serve with pancakes and waffles etc.



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