How to prepare crunchy and crispy Gobi(cauliflower) Manchurian?

Gobi Manchurian or cauliflower Manchurian is an INDO CHINESE CUISINE. I have always been a huge fan of the gobi Manchurian recipe and it is perhaps one of the frequent recipes, the best super delicious and crispy gobi Manchurian at home with this simple recipe. The Manchurian recipe can be made using vegetables, soya chunks, […]

How to prepare quick and easy maple syrup?

Homemade maple syrup is super simple, easy and tastes amazing on so many different breakfast recipes. It tastes delicious and perfect for pancakes, waffles and french toast. If you never tried making maple syrup before you will be shocked how simple it is and can be prepared with very few ingredients. Follow the easy steps […]

How to prepare healthy salmon fish barbeque

Fish is one of the healthiest and most delicious foods you can prepare for yourself. Fish is full of protein which is an essential nutrient that helps in repairing muscle mass and is also essential for healthy weight loss. Seafood is considered by most health experts as some of the healthiest sources of protein out […]

How to prepare smoky chicken tikka

Chicken tikka is one of the most popular chicken starters or appetizers from Indian cuisine. Most of the time we prepare chicken tikka recipe in the charcoal heat, but this time we will be making tikka on a flat frying pan(Tawa) which is very easy, simple, and tasty.  Follow the steps and you will get […]

How to prepare healthy and soft pancakes

The best, easy, simple, and quick pancakes recipe you will fall in love with. Please review the following information full of tips and tricks to help you prepare the best pancakes…ever! How to cook the perfect fluffy pancakes You must try this easy pancake recipe and I guarantee you it’s going to be one of […]

How to prepare hot and spicy chicken 65

Chicken 65 is another variety of chicken side dishes originated from South India. This is a flavourful and easy-to-cook recipe, the perfect starter for parties and get-together with kith and kins.  This is specially prepared with boneless chicken by marinating and frying chicken bites coated with flour and curry leaves. There are so many ways […]

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